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Beach Head Paddleboard Tour

Price: £80 Per Person

Group size: only 1 - 6 students per group

Duration: 3 - 5 hours

View one of the U.K's best tourist sites

Learn at a fully certified BSUPA school

Led by a BSUPA touring instructor

SUP to the Beachy Head Lighthouse while being led by a BSUPA qualified tour instructor. See the white cliffs of beachy head & Eastbourne lighthouse from a unique perspective! Participants must be competent paddle boarders.



  • Safety points to consider when SUP touring.

  • Access points for safe entry and exit.

  • Picking your starting direction based on the tide/wind.

  • Once on the water, students are free to paddle within the group boundaries.

  • Your tour instructor will guide you to beachy head lighthouse

  • Please note this is not a lesson. If you are looking for a tuition based lesson please check out our Beginners SUP intro and our SUP improvers classes.

  • Minimum age for this SUP group lesson is 14 years old.

  • The minimum age for private SUP lessons is 8 years old.

  • To book a group lessons for pupils between the age of 8-14, please book a private SUP group.


  • Learn from highly qualified senior instructors.

  • Learn at a BSUPA (British stand up paddle association) recognised school.

  • Receive your BSUPA student card to track your progress.

  • Learn on the latest equipment, all of our school equipment is upgraded every year so that we can offer you the best kit on the market.

  • Only 1.5 hours from London.

  • Watersports shop on location selling a wide range of wetsuits, boots, gloves, kites, wings, paddleboard, etc...

  • Deals on equipment for students that learn with us.

  • Become part of a thriving watersports community.

  • Get added into facebook and WhatsApp groups so you have friends to shred with.


  • Wetsuit (Highly recommended) Not compulsory in the middle of summer.

  • Wetsuit shoes (Highly Recommended) to protect your feet from sharp shells

  • If you haven't got your own wetsuit or shoes don't panic.

  • Wetsuits and wetsuit shoes can be purchased from our online shop and shipped directly to your home address.

  •  Wetsuits and wetsuit shoes can also be purchase on the day of your activity from our Pevensey bay shop. Please check this coincides with our store opening hours. If not, give us a call on 01323766650 and we'll arrange to open the shop early. This way you can try some wetsuits and shoes on and purchase before the lesson takes place.


  • Meet your instructor at the Be-Rad Watersports shop in Pevensey Bay BN24 6AU.

  • This is where you will meet and greet your group, and sign in if you haven't already done so.

  • Paddleboarding is a weather dependant sport meaning that the location can sometimes differ depending on the wind direction and speed.

  • Fortunately at our school, we have another location which provides shelter on the windy days. It's less than a 5 minute drive from our shop meaning your paddleboard lesson can almost always go ahead.

  • If the weather is unsuitable to conduct a productive lesson, we will reschedule the lesson for another day. You will be issued with a credit voucher.

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