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Book any lesson with us and receive a 10% discount card, redeemable in our Pevensey Bay store!

Choose Your Wing Lesson


Beginner Intro To Winging Lesson

A cost effective and fun way to try winging for the first time. We'll tach you how to set up, fly, and power up the wing.


Beginner Wing Surf Lesson Beach Based

Now that you've got the basics, It's time to hit the water! Learn how to wing surf on the water with a board similar to a SUP.


Beginner Wing Surf Lesson Boat Assisted

The ultimate lesson type for quick progression! Our boat assisted wing surf lesson will allow you to ride in flat offshore seas.


Tow Foiling Lesson Boat Assisted

The stepping stone lesson from wing surfing to wing foiling. If you have never foiled before, its essential to book this lesson!

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wingfoil Lesson Boat Assisted

Now you can wing surf and tow foil, it's time to combine them! Get your first flights above the water wingfoiling with boat assistance.


Advanced Wingfoil Lesson Beach Based

Want to improve your wing foil skills? learn how to perform a foiling foot change, tack, gybe, ride waves and much more!

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