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About This Repair Service

Fibreglass Board Repairs

Wingfoil board repairs, Kitesurf board repairs, Windsurf board repairs, SUP board repairs, Surfboard repairs

Fibreglass Board Repairs

Do you have a damaged fibreglass board in need of repair?

Be-Rad Watersports in Pevensey Bay offer cost effective wetsuit repairs!

Please follow these simple steps:

1. Email us some images of the damaged area on your fibreglass board. Or even better, bring your damaged fibreglass board into our Pevensey Bay store and a member of our team will inspect the damage.

2. We'll advise the best way to proceed. We sell a wide range of fibreglass and epoxy repair glues and patches from our Pevensey Bay Store. We can often fix your board while you're here in store so you can get back on the water as soon as possible!

3. Alternatively we'll instruct you how to fix your board at home in your own time.

4. Should the damage be substantial. You can leave your damaged board with us and we'll provide a professional repair.

We fix: Wingfoil boards, Kitesurf boards, SUP boards, Surfboards, Windsurf boards, small holes, large holes, small crack in the fibreglass, large cracks in the fibreglass, and much more!

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